Abdul Ahad Nawabi
event Batch 2    flag Afghanistan   home Afghan Civil Society Forum Organization (ACSFO)    email Email

About two years of professional experiences and as an Officer of Advocacy and Coordination and in program implementation, project execution in ACSFo with different NGOs, INGOs, Networks and Governmental
Institutions.He have a strong professional confidence and skills to carry every task given with a highest outcome and quality.

Abdulrahman Farhan
event Batch 1    flag Afghanistan   home Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI)

He has over than 6 years professional management on government finance sector and extractive industries revenue, community development, organizational development and management.

Achmad Choirudin
event Batch 3    flag Indonesia   home INSIST    email Email

Udin works for Indonesian Society for Social Transformation (INSIST) Yogyakarta, an NGO working on research and publishing. He concerns on media and journalism activities, i.e. writing, reportage, and research, with special interest in political-economic issues of natural resources governance.

He holds degree from Department of Communication Science, Gadjah Mada University (2014). He conducted thesis about public discourse and news framing of oil and gas mining operation in Bojonegoro by local news media. As a contributor of oil and gas commentary for Blok Bojonegoro Media in 2013, he took course on “Media, Mining and Development: local knowledge sharing program” organized by Asia Pacific Journalism Centre in Australia under the Australia Leadership Award scholarship (recommended by Pantau Foundation). While conducting academic purposed research, he have involved in programs of non-government organization concerned on community empowerment in Bojonegoro, espescially around oil and gas project area—a volunteer for Society Education Centre.

Ahmad Shodiqurrosyad
event Batch 5    flag Indonesia   home Ademos - Bojonegoro

Arsyad is a social worker at Ademos, a civil society organization based in Bojonegoro district, in the East Java province, Indonesia. A district that is blessed with the abundant oil and gas of Cepu Block. Although his formal position in the organization is a secretary, Arsyad also works to implement projects in his organization. This include the task to build a team of program implementers, assisting them in carrying out their duties, and overseeing and monitoring Ademos’ program beneficiaries. Additionally, Arsyad responsible for organizational administration, design of community development programs, and assisting the head of Ademos in establishing communication and relationships with partners.

Anna Hasemann
event Batch 3    flag Germany   home Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)    email Email

Anna works on data collection, coordination of local experts and consultants, and quality control for NRGI’s Resource Governance Index program.  Originally from Germany, Anna started her career as a sustainable development project assistant with the German Development Bank (KfW) in Ethiopia. She has also worked on the natural resource governance team for LSE’s Justice and Security Research Programme, as a visiting researcher at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Bangladesh, and most recently as a consultant for the International Council on Mining and Metals. Anna holds a BA in social anthropology and development studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies and an MSc in environment and development from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ardianingrum Noor Alifa
event Batch 3    flag Indonesia   home The Forest Trust    email Email

Specializations: Conservationist

Alifa works professionally as Social Specialist for The Forest Trust (TFT) while still also contribute as a researcher for BISA Indonesia and Social Conservation Indonesia (SCI). Prior to her role at TFT, she joined a roadshow sessions “Seeds for the Future” initiated by Mantasa. She engaged in youth activity especially related with local food network, namely “Jejaring Pangan Lokal”. She has initiated a kick-starter project named “Padepokan Pemuda Pemudi” aim to be a Youth-Hub, an open learning space for the youth to pursue their dreams, and promote inclusivity.    

She holds Master of Environment from The University of Melbourne. She concerns on environmental issues and experience as disaster risk reduction trainer. She had involved with several students initiatives such as Graduate Students Association (GSA) as International Students Officer and Graduate Students’ Council and joined Students of Sustainability youth forum, Radioactive Exposure Tour conducted by Friends of the Earth, and volunteered for Extended Family.

Her 3-years working experience as a trainer and project officer with Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, an international organisations working in the area of disaster risk reduction and disability, allow her to get familiar with community-based project. She served a co-fonder of “Ceria Community” aim to provide psychosocial support for the survivors, especially children.     

Ashari Cahyo Edi
event Batch 1    flag Indonesia   home Institute for Research and Empowerment (IRE)

Working at IRE since 2006. On 2009-2011, He was responsible for “Strengthening Local NGOs in Areas Where Mining Industries and Oil Exploration are Operating” supported by the United Nation Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

Asri Nuraeni
event Batch 5    flag Indonesia   home Publish What You Pay (PWYP)

Asri is working as the Communication Officer and assisting project implementation at Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia. As the communication officer, she is responsible for communication and outreach toward PWYP Indonesia’s audiences. Asri participated in EITI multi-stakeholder meeting, learning the process and giving some inputs if needed. Besides that, she participated in a research on “Problem Mapping of Gas Governance Along the Extractive Value Chain in Indonesia. On top of that, she also assume the role of program assistant for Reversing the Resource Curse, which focuses on increasing transparency and accountability in Extractive Industry and state revenue management for poverty alleviation.

Atur Tety Lubis
event Batch 1    flag Indonesia   home Principle of Responsible Investment (PRI)

Prior to joining the PRI, Atur Tetty Lubis worked as a Corporate Secretary Staff at Indonesian Port in Surabaya, where she involved in the initiation and implementation of corporate governance principles within the organization, handled international relations and regularly represented the company at international forums on shipping and port management. She has a LLM in Commercial and Maritime Law from University College London (2010) under Chevening Award and an MBA in Marketing from Monash University (2006), Australia. Upon the completion of the LLM course, Tetty joined the IMO (International Maritime Organization)'s internship program in London. She has attended a number of summer courses in LSE, Leiden University and Columbia University with the areas of interest in Environment and Governance. She also actively gives lectures on law and business for undergraduare and postgraduate students of state and private universities in Jakarta.

Aung Phyo Kyaw
event Batch 2    flag Myanmar   home Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI)    email Email

Aung Phyo Kyaw is a Research & Outreach officer at Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI)National Coordination Office under the Centre for Economic and Social Development of the Myanmar Development Resource Institute(MDRI-CESD).MEITI National Coordination Office is an MDRICESD program which facilitates a collaborative process between the government, the private sector and civil society in order to promote transparency, accountability, good governance and sustainable development in extractive sector. Prior to joining MDRI-CESD, he worked as an interim at the Nathan Associates Inc. in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Aung Phyo Kyaw received his Bachelor of Economics with honors and a Master of Economics from the Yangon Institute of Economics.

Aung Phyoe Kyaw
event Batch 5    flag Myanmar   home Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability (MATA)

Aung Phyoe Kyaw graduated from Pyay University with a Major Subject in History in 2005. He established a Civil Society Organization in 2014 called "Myat Won Thit Knowledge Society". After a while, he joined MATA for its Natural Resources Governance programme. Myat Won Thit knowledge society has become part of the MATA network Since 2014.  In 2016, he was elected as Steering Committee Member in MATA by local CSOs. At the moment, he is actively involve in Multi-Stakeholders Group as an alternative MSG member of Civil Society Organization.

Aye Kyithar Swe
event Batch 5    flag Myanmar   home Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)

Aye Kyithar Swe is the Myanmar Senior Officer of NRGI. She advances the country strategy and oversees its implementation. Within the team, she leads NRGI’s work on beneficial ownership, contract transparency and open data. Her recent projects with NRGI Myanmar includes presenting NRGI’s use of open data to advocate extractive sector policy reforms in Asia at the 2017 Civic Tech Festival in Taipei, coordinating technical assistance for the management information system of the state-owned enterprise Myanmar Gems Enterprise, drafting actionable policy briefers for the Union Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and providing capacity-building trainings for the leaders of the civil society in Myanmar.

Beverly F Besmanos
event Batch 1    flag Philippines   home Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao

She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology as an academic scholar. Prior to AFRIM, she worked as Provincial Government Environmental Management Specialist. She is skilled in field research and documentation and biodiversity assessment. At present, she sits as one of the Board Members of Bantay Kita representing her organization, AFRIM, Inc. She is involve in field researches with focus on political economy and cultural impacts of small-scale gold mining and land grabbing issues in Mindanao.

Bona Hang
event Batch 2    flag Cambodia   home Norwegian People's Aid    email Email

Bona Hang is working for Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Cambodia as Development Program Coordinator. NPA is one of the leading organizations in the field of democratization and mine actions in Cambodia for more than twenty years. For the development program, it works to build stronger Civil Society Organizations (CSO) so that they are able to support the vulnerable people affected by land grabbing, forced eviction, social injustice and human right violations to advocate for the respect of human rights, social justice and equality in access to natural resources and transparent revenue management. Mine actions program is to clear land mines in rural area of Cambodia so that the farmers are safe in cultivating crops. He received a Master in the field of Natural Resource Management and Rural Developmentat the Royal University of Agriculture in Cambodia He has more than 15-year working experience in rural development and natural resource management with three International NGOs since 1995 until now. His demonstrated skills and competencies include i) organizational development, ii) program
management and result-based management, iii) monitoring and evaluation, and iv) participatory learning and action and action research.

Buenaventura Marapao Maata Jr
event Batch 4    flag Philippines    email Email

Ben serves as the Executive Director of the Philippine Grassroots Engagement in Rural Development Foundation, In.  He led several evaluations of projects on rural poverty reduction and technical assistance with local and international program which were done in various countries. He works using participatory Goal Oriented Project Planning framework for rural poverty reduction projects that has been established in several regions in the country particularly in Caraga and ARMM regions. His current engagements include: Civil Society Member of the Multi-Partite Stakeholder Group in the Philippine EITI at national and the sub-national level, and Integrated Coastal Management Planning of the Local Government Units. He is a PhD candidate in Development Administration from Philippine Christian University.