The Batch 5 Aspachub Training on "Advancing Accountable Resource Governance in Asia Pacific 2018" was accomplished. Twenty eight participants from 7 countries had shared knowledge and experiences with the experts and practitioners during the course on 8-19 January 2018 in Belitung. Not only in the class sessions, the participants had the opportunity to visit Nam Salu Open Pit having the first-hand experience to see how the local communities have been struggling to initiate the alternative economic livelihood to reverse tin mining dependency. Music by: Lights and motion - Anamorphic Lights and motion - Feathers

Join the comprehensive annual training course on "Advancing Accountable Resource Governance in Asia Pacific". Meet the experts and practitioners from Asia Pacific and experience a great cross-country learning. Twenty six participants from 10 countries have been involved in the last training. The next training will be held on 8 - 19 January in Belitung, Indonesia

The Batch 4 Asia Pacific Hub Training is just over. The course promoted "Advancing Accountable Resource Governance in Asia Pacific" has been run in 9 - 21 January 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Twenty six participants from 10 countries had fruitful discussion as well as shared knowledge and experiences with experts and practitioners in extractive industry in Asia Pacific. Join us in the next batch!

Transparency as a passion is the collective spirit that must be shared by all actors in the extractive industries that is the economic backbone for a long time. The largest problem in the natural resources governance in Indonesia is a lack of transparency along decision chain, from decide to extract, create a deal and contract, to manage revenue from company obligation. Regarding the complications, PolGov facilitated EITI Workshop on topic “Transparency as A Passion” at Jakarta, 6-7 April 2016. The workshop has been supported by EITI Indonesia in collaboration with the World Bank.

This video shortly shows the main transferred ideas from each sessions of the training. High qualified resource persons from Asia Pacific region countries deliver the best practice principles based on their expertise and experiences. RegINA provides annual training to enhance better understanding on the practice of extractive industries in Asia Pacific which often cloaked by the secrets.

Join our Training! The comprehensive training course on Resource Governance in Asia Pacific. Our knowledge hub are committed to serve coalition for reform boosting energy security, welfare, and sustainability through better governance on extractive industries.