event Published at: 2018-07-27

NRGI has worked with the Asia-pacific and all regional knowledge-hubs to develop a survey for our hubs' training alumni. This alumni survey is an attempt to have a better understanding of our alumni's journey of working towards a coalition for reform on the sector of natural resource governance in their respective region. Additionally, this online survey will be a tool for all hubs to have an integrated database of alumni, as today NRGI's hubs and global course have produced 1319 alumni, in which ASPAC itself has as much as 137 alumni coming from 19 countries. 

Therefore, we would kindly ask you to spare a couple of minutes of your time to fill out the online survey hereWe hope that the result of this survey can serve as a medium to maintain the connection we had during your participation in our course, as well as for further collaboration among us.   
Thank you for your participation on this survey.